Testing Accommodations

CLT is happy to provide testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Testing accommodations are individualized adaptations that ensure the test measures a student’s skills and aptitude rather than the negative effects of a person’s disability. Testing accommodations are meant to remove the barrier an individual may have to the exam – not to guarantee improved performance, a passing score, test completion, or any other specific outcome.

If a student has previously received testing accommodations for the CLT or CLT10, those accommodations are provided going forward based on the approval period sent out, if registered under the same account (username). Please contact us if you have any questions about your specific case.

It is not necessary to submit requests for accommodations for the CLT3-8 exams. It is the responsibility of schools, co-ops, and homeschool parents to provide accommodations for CLT3-8 that reflect what the student requires in normal classroom settings.

Our Accommodations Process

For School Administrators

Here are your steps to applying for accommodations on behalf of a student enrolled at your school. 

For Parents and Students

Here are your steps to submit an Accommodations Request Form for your child or yourself.


Does CLT accommodate people with disabilities?
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