Remote Proctoring

Instructions for the Remotely Proctored CLT

The Remotely Proctored CLT is a version of the CLT that students take at home with their own computers. The exam is recorded and reviewed by CLT staff. Due to the nature of the platform and our commitment to ensuring test integrity, familiarity with the test’s rules and requirements is critical to ensuring you have the best possible testing experience. As such, we thank students and parents in advance for reading this page thoroughly!

The information on this page applies only to the remotely proctored CLT. It does not pertain to the in-school CLT, which is proctored, or the online CLT10 or CLT8, which may be taken at home with a parent proctor and do not require video recording, screen sharing, a photo ID, or other remote proctoring-specific requirements.

We recommend starting with our instructional videos:

CLT Remote Proctoring #1: Prepare

CLT Remote Proctoring #2: Test Day

Scores will be released on the second Thursday following the exam. You will receive an email when they have been posted to your CLT dashboard.

If you still have any questions after reading this page, please contact us at

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