CLT in Florida

CLT in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 1537 into law on May 9, 2023, making Florida the first state in the nation to fund all school districts to utilize the Classic Learning Test (CLT) for 11th graders. The bill also makes all Florida students eligible to earn Bright Futures Scholarships with CLT scores. In tandem with the legislation, New College of Florida announced that it will be the first public university in Florida to accept the CLT for admissions.

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We are continuing to update this page as we gather more information on the implementation of HB 1537. Please check back for updates.

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New College of Florida

New College of Florida is the first public university in Florida to accept CLT scores for college admissions, beginning with its fall 2024 term.

New College Interim President Richard Corcoran shared, “As New College strives to become a world-class liberal arts educational institution, adding the CLT as an accepted testing option for admissions will ensure we are reaching and welcoming students from all walks of life.”

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