CLT in Florida

CLT in Florida

Thanks to legislation passed in 2023, Florida students can use CLT scores to apply to Florida state universities, earn Bright Futures scholarships, satisfy graduation requirements, and earn dual credit. Florida state also funds all school districts to administer the CLT to 11th graders. 

With expanded options for admissions testing, Florida students now have greater opportunities to showcase their academic potential and reach their college goals.

For Schools

Administer the CLT to Your Students

Our team is happy to work with schools to arrange group testing. Schools that administer the CLT receive full support from our team before and after testing. This includes special pricing, analytics reports for individual students and the entire testing group, and a dedicated CLT representative to assist with the testing process and analytics interpretation.

Schools can administer the online exam to their students on test dates offered nearly every month throughout the year. Paper exams are available on select test dates.

Get to Know the CLT

Curious about the distinctives of the CLT? Wondering how CLT scores compare to SAT and ACT scores? Looking for resources to share with your students? Check out this helpful directory:

For Students

CLT for Bright Futures

Effective July 1, 2023, students graduating in the 2023-24 academic year and thereafter may use CLT scores to satisfy the minimum test score requirements for the Florida Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS) or the Florida Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS).

Students who earn a 96 or above are eligible for the FAS award and students who earn an 84 or above are eligible for the FMS award.

CLT for Florida College Admissions

In September 2023, Florida’s Board of Governors voted to approve the CLT as an accepted admissions test at all state public universities.

CLT is also accepted at an additional 14 private colleges and universities in Florida.

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