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A Podcast on Education & Culture

Anchored is published by the Classic Learning Test. The show features CEO Jeremy Tate engaging in conversations with leading thinkers on issues at the intersection of education and culture, as well as headline news in the world of education. New discussions are posted every Tuesday and Thursday.

Notable guests include:

  • Yuval Levin – Founding Editor, National Affairs
  • Robert P. George – Princeton University
  • Cornel West – Philosopher and Public Intellectual
  • Larry Taylor – President of ACSI

Anchored Host: Jeremy Tate

Jeremy Tate, CEO of the Classic Learning Test, was an educator long before he was the founder and owner of an education company. Jeremy’s insight into the cross-section of education and culture provides the backdrop for the Anchored podcast as Jeremy engages with leading thinkers and educators and expounds on the movement to renew classical education.

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