Practice Tests

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Want to ace your exam? Prepare by taking a practice test. Utilize our free, online practice tests for the CLT and CLT10 to get familiar with our software and the types of questions to expect. Next stop: secure a high score and attend the college of your dreams! 

Access the practice tests through your free CLT account. Looking for a CLT8 practice test? While preparation for the CLT8 is not necessary, a PDF sample test is available for download and includes an answer key.

Benefits of CLT & CLT10 Practice Tests

Practice tests are valuable tools to help you better prepare for the CLT or CLT10.

  • Online Test – Take the practice test using the same experience and content structure used for the CLT and CLT10.
  • Immediate Results – View your practice test score as well as the results for each question.
  • Answer Explanations – Review the explanation for each practice question to improve your performance.

Take a CLT Practice Test Today

To take a free practice test for the CLT or CLT10, you must log into your CLT account. Don’t have an account? Create one for free today; you need an account to take a practice exam and register for the CLT.

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