Practice Tests

Prepare For Your Exam

Want to ace your exam? Prepare by taking a practice test. Utilize our free, online practice tests (available in your account) for the CLT and CLT10 to get familiar with our software and the types of questions to expect. Next stop: secure a high score and attend the college of your dreams! 

Looking for a CLT8 practice test? While preparation for the CLT8 (along with CLT3-7) is not necessary, a PDF sample test is available for download and includes an answer key.

Benefits of CLT & CLT10 Practice Tests

Practice tests are valuable tools to help you better prepare for the CLT or CLT10.

  • Online Test – Take the practice test using the same experience and content structure used for the CLT and CLT10.
  • Immediate Results – View your practice test score as well as the results for each question.
  • Answer Explanations – Review the explanation for each practice question to improve your performance.

Take a CLT Practice Test Today

To take a free practice test for the CLT or CLT10, you must log into your CLT account. Don’t have an account? Create one for free today; you need an account to take a practice exam and register for the CLT.

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