Online College Preparatory Exam

The CLT10® is an online college prep exam for 9th and 10th graders. An alternative to the PSAT®, the exam can be taken in-school or at home with a parent proctor. For homeschoolers, CLT10 meets end-of-year testing requirements in most states.

If you are a school administrator seeking to administer the CLT10 to your students, please visit this page for available test dates and ordering instructions.

CLT10 Exam – At a Glance

Online preparatory assessment for 9th and 10th graders

Contains three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Grammar & Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning

Students can qualify for awards and scholarships

Optional essay included on the online test


2 Hours



Within 6 business days

Upcoming Test Dates for CLT10



Tuesday September 24, 2024

Registration Deadline: September 19, 2024

This test is available from September 24th to September 25th, 2024.

Score Release: Wednesday, October 2nd



Wednesday November 13, 2024

Registration Deadline: November 7, 2024

This test is available from November 13th to November 14th, 2024.

Score Release: Wednesday, November 20th



Wednesday February 12, 2025

Registration Deadline: February 6, 2025



Tuesday April 15, 2025

Registration Deadline: April 10, 2025

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The New Standard for Preparatory Assessments

The CLT10 serves as a college preparatory exam, helping students hone their skills and target areas of weakness before taking the CLT, our college entrance exam. Students can connect early with colleges of interest by sharing their CLT10 scores for free.

See why so many students are choosing to take the CLT10 instead of other college prep exams.

Qualify for a $2,500 Scholarship

Students who take the CLT10 are eligible for the National Award, a $2,500 scholarship to a CLT partner college.

Test Day Expectations

Find out system requirements, proctoring guidelines, and what is expected on the day you take the CLT10.

“The literature and grammar sections of the CLT10, in particular, contained well-written and relevant content which left me wanting to read the entire works, not just the excerpts on the test. I appreciate the verbal and writing selections; it gave the CLT10 an almost relaxing feel to it that I didn’t have on the ACT. I would take this test again rather than any other standardized test.”

Rebecca R.

CLT10 Test-Taker

“I enjoyed taking the CLT10. I was a bit nervous, but upon starting the test, I felt more relaxed and was able to get into a fairly steady rhythm. I actually enjoyed reading some of the excerpts in the Verbal Reasoning and Grammar/Writing sections. It was a great practice test for the CLT itself, and I feel pretty confident about taking that one in the future.”

Grace F.

CLT10 Test-Taker

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do CLT10 scores equate to PSAT scores?
How long does the test take? How much time is allotted to each section?
What testing accommodations are offered on the CLT10 and CLT?

“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction…No, read in order to live.”

Gustave Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert