State Testing Requirements for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Testing Requirements by State

Curious if you can use CLT assessments to fulfill homeschool testing requirements in your state? Explore our interactive map to find the details you need to create a testing plan.

Click on your state to learn more about its homeschool laws.


Do CLT-suite exams fulfill this state’s testing requirements for homeschool households?

Technical Information for the CLT Suite of Assessments

Some states are marked as “Under certain circumstances.” This is because some states offer multiple options for homeschooling. Depending on the option you choose, CLT exams may fulfill requirements or may not, or testing may not even be necessary.

In order to navigate the state laws, use the chart below to find all the relevant information you will need in order to determine whether CLT exams will qualify for your homeschooling option.

For example, many states require the test be administered by a certified teacher. Since we believe parents are primary educators, our CLT3-10 exams are parent-proctored. Nevertheless, you can bring in a certified teacher to proctor the exam, and CLT exams will then qualify for that state’s testing requirements.