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A key part of any test is the opportunity to learn more about how you work and think. This feedback can and should drive self-improvement—not only on future tests, but in your academic pursuits.

After you take a CLT exam, log into your account to see test results, send scores directly to colleges, and use our Student Analytics to see opportunities for improvement.

How Long Until Scores are Posted?

Looking for your scores? You can log into your CLT account to see them. Here’s when you can expect to see your results:

  • CLT Remote-Proctored – Second Tuesday following the test administration
  • CLT In-School – Tuesday following the test administration
  • CLT10 – Tuesday following the test administration
  • CLT8 – Tuesday following the test administration

Sending Your Score to Colleges

Once your CLT or CLT10 test scores are posted, you can send them directly to any college or university. Simply log into your account and select the college(s) you wish to send them to. Whether you are in 9th grade trying to connect with a dream school, or in 12th grade trying to increase your scholarships, score sharing is a great way to get in touch directly with colleges.

Still looking at potential options? Find a CLT partner school and the scholarships it offers.

CLT Student Analytics

Want to know where you can improve for future tests? Log into your CLT account for access to Student Analytics – a comprehensive evaluation of your results and performance.

With CLT Student Analytics, you no longer have to guess which subjects and topics you scored well or poorly on. CLT Student Analytics help you study smarter and know yourself better with:

  • In-depth analysis of your results
  • Insights on your strengths & weaknesses
  • Example problems to help you prepare for future tests
  • Percentile rank to see how your scores compared to other examinees
  • Score comparison for ACT / SAT / PSAT
  • Access to full-length practice tests

Take a CLT Practice Test Today

To take a free practice test for the CLT exam, you must log into your CLT account. Don’t have an account? Create one for free today; you need an account to take a practice test and register for the CLT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

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