CLT Suite of Assessments

Standardized Tests for 3rd – 12th Graders

Emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving, our exams provide a reliable and comprehensive assessment of a student’s aptitude and achievement.

Our Suite of Assessments


For Grades 11-12

College entrance exam comparable to SAT® and ACT®


For Grades 9-10

College preparatory exam comparable to PSAT®


For Grades 3-8

Diagnostic and summative exams to track growth

Why Take CLT Exams?

Our exams reflect a traditional education while offering a better test-taking experience and providing students, teachers, and parents with detailed results and scoring.

Meaningful Content

Each test features enriching, thoughtful reading passages drawn from classic literature and historical texts.

Shorter Testing Time

CLT exams are much shorter than other standardized tests, lasting approximately 2 hours. CLT3-6 are completely untimed.

Aptitude and Achievement Based

Unlike other standardized tests that are solely achievement-based, CLT exams also assess aptitude and emphasize critical thinking skills.

Accepted by Over 250 Colleges & Universities

Colleges all across the United States and abroad accept our college entrance exam, the CLT, tying more than $100 million in scholarships to scores. Students may share their CLT and CLT10 scores for free with an unlimited number of colleges through their secure student account.

Dig Deeper into Our Assessment Content

Wanting to learn more about the content of CLT assessments? Visit our Research and Reports page to find content briefs and technical reports for our 3rd-12th grade assessments.

“The CLT was fun to take, because it was engaging. The exam wasn’t just solving pointless puzzles; it was really about thinking.”

Caroline A.

CLT Test-Taker

“The CLT8 was a great experience. My son especially appreciated that the sources for the reading texts were similar to his school texts and that they represented a variety of worldviews. Proctoring the exam at home was simple!”

Emily H.

Homeschool Parent

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Frequently Asked Questions

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