CLT for Schools

Assessments That Strengthen Your Work in the Classroom

Classic Learning Test’s assessments for grades 3-12 provide a standard of testing that is intellectually richer and more rigorous than tests based on the Common Core State Standards. With in-depth analytics accompanying each exam, schools and educators gain key insight on their students’ progress.

Our Suite of Assessments


For Grades 11-12

College entrance exam comparable to the SAT® and ACT®


For Grades 9-10

College preparatory exam comparable to the PSAT


For Grades 3-8

Diagnostic and summative exams to track growth

CLT for Florida Schools

If you are a Florida school administrator interested in offering the CLT to your students, find the guidance and resources you need by clicking below.

The CLT Difference

CLT promotes education that helps teachers form students who are curious, think deeply, and reason well. See why so many schools are switching to CLT assessments for their standardized testing needs.

  • Shorter exams
  • Equip teachers with valuable feedback and analytics reports on student performance
  • Assess both aptitude and achievement
  • Deliver more rigorous content than other standardized tests
  • Utilize meaningful, primary sources for reading content 
  • Promote critical and higher-level analysis

Straightforward Analytics to Equip Teachers

Our analytics are easy to interpret and straightforward while providing essential insight for teachers. CLT exams are intended for schools both as formative assessments in the fall and summative assessments in the spring. When used in the fall, feedback provided by CLT analytics allows faculty and administrators to identify areas of strength and weakness in individual students as well as their class as a whole. The spring is ideal for monitoring growth in students, as well as evaluating curriculum decisions for the following year.

Educator Resources

Teachers and guidance counselors can use these resources to better equip students for CLT assessments.

Connect With Our Team

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“The test was beautiful, enjoyable, and more aligned to our school than previous standardized tests. The length and duration were ideal also. We look forward to the ease of data reporting and parent information.”

Kelly G., Cary Christian School

“The nature of the CLT assessment more accurately demonstrates verbal and quantitative abilities than other standardized tests.”

Kimberly B., Clemson Area Classical Academy

“We believe that the CLT is the most reliable and valid test to provide that feedback.”

Stephanie R., Providence Academy

“It is often the case that our students comment on the correlation between what is being taught here at Bayshore and what is on the CLT. This alignment allows us, as teachers and administrators, to truly determine how well prepared our students are for their future.”

Ty H., Bayshore Christian School

“I insist that the object of all true education is not to make men carpenters, it is to make carpenters men.”

W. E. B. Du Bois

W. E. B. Du Bois