Test Preparation

Get Ready to Take a CLT Exam

Have you registered for an upcoming CLT exam? Start preparing for the test today. On this page, you’ll find links to instructions, practice tests, and the official student guide.

Take a Practice Exam

While extensive test prep is not necessary for any of our CLT assessments, we want you to feel confident and prepared before taking our tests. Once you register for a free account, you can try our free online practice exams, which provide immediate results and answer explanations. Practice tests are available for the CLT and the CLT10 through your student account. A sample CLT8 with an answer key is also available for download.

Order Your Student Guide

If you want to be better prepared for the CLT or CLT10, consider ordering the official CLT Student Guide. In this guide, you will find 3 full-length practice tests, essay prompts, and helpful information to prepare for your exam.

Remote Proctoring

If you are planning to take a remotely proctored CLT exam, you and your parent need to closely read our remote proctoring guidelines. There you will find helpful information on setting up your device & environment so you can have a successful test.

Additional Resources

The CLT does not require any specific test prep program. However, for students and families interested in individualized tutoring and self-study materials, our friends at Clayborne Test Prep offer additional resources and support. Please note that any Clayborne materials are not officially endorsed and have not been directly reviewed by the CLT team.

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J. R. R. Tolkien

Make Sure You Are Registered

Make sure you create a free CLT account. With your CLT account, you can sign up for a test, try a practice exam, and take your in-person or remote-proctored exam.