CLT for Homeschool Families

CLT for Homeschool Families

The Classic Learning Test is creating a new standard for standardized testing. Our suite of exams for 3rd-12th graders is designed to give students a challenging yet fair assessment of their capabilities, all while allowing them to test from the comfort of home.

In recent years, CLT has become the preferred assessment provider for thousands of homeschool families and co-op groups. Our norm-referenced exams fulfill testing requirements in a majority of states. Scroll to learn how CLT provides specific resources for homeschool families and groups.

Our Suite of Assessments


For Grades 11-12

College entrance exam comparable to SAT® and ACT®


For Grades 9-10

College preparatory exam comparable to PSAT®


For Grades 7-8

Diagnostic and summative exam to track growth


For Grades 3-6

Diagnostic and summative exams to track growth

Tests That Align With Your Educational Choice

Homeschool students deserve a test that respects their educational choice. CLT is not tied to any particular scope or sequence but instead assesses the main indicators of educational success like reading comprehension, writing conventions, and mathematical reasoning.

The CLT8 and CLT10, our standardized tests for 7th-10th grade students, satisfy testing requirements for homeschool families in most states.

Benefits of CLT Assessments

  • Can be taken online at home
  • Provide parents with a holistic and actionable teaching resource
  • Assess both aptitude and achievement
  • Utilize meaningful and timeless primary sources for reading content
  • Promote critical thinking and higher-level analysis

CLT for College-Bound Students

Over 250 colleges and universities across the United States have partnered with CLT by accepting CLT scores and recruiting CLT students. Collectively, these colleges tie over $100 million in scholarships annually to CLT scores.

Lead a Homeschooling Co-op?

If you are leading a homeschooling group, co-op, or community, CLT can help you schedule group exams to gain access to paper testing and discounted group rates.

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“The CLT10 and CLT appear to be assessing learning that is more in line with the philosophies and methodologies we are using in our schooling, than some of the current schools of thought that are being promoted across the U.S. It is good to have options for testing, and I am glad that many universities are now willing to accept the CLT in addition to the SAT or ACT.”

Parent of a CLT10 Tester

I highly recommend the CLT8 both as baseline academic achievement test for home-educated students and their families, and as a test-taking experience on a nationally-normed test. I have convinced other homeschoolers to utilize the CLT as a test-taking platform, and to consider replacing the SAT/ACT college admission tests with the CLT and its pool of colleges. Keep up the excellent work!”

Homeschool Parent

“Love is in all things a most wonderful teacher.”

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens