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The Classic Learning Test was developed as a greatly improved college entrance exam, taking advantage of contemporary technology and testing students on more engaging material. See how CLT partners with colleges & universities like yours to increase enrollment & get your school in front of the right students.

Understand the CLT Exam

Want to know more about the inner workings of the CLT? We’ve developed a full technical report, giving college administrators a look into the philosophy & approach of the CLT. The report includes details on standards, development, proctoring, security, fairness, accessibility, and scoring the CLT.

Recognized by Over 250 Schools

Over 250 colleges & universities accept CLT scores as part of their admissions process. In addition, many have tied thousands of dollars in scholarships directly to a student’s CLT score.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

CLT has successfully partnered with hundreds of secondary schools and tens of thousands of homeschool families who believe in the value of a classical liberal arts education. We are able to assist your recruitment efforts and promotion of your quality programs through our various marketing channels. Fill out this form if you would like to learn more about ways to partner with CLT in order to increase your enrollment.

Leading Education Commentary

CLT’s Anchored podcast is a top-ranked program focused on the important conversations in education today. Our episodes have featured leading thinkers such as Cornel West and Robert P. George discussing the importance of the Classics, Wall Street Journal columnist Meghan Cox Gurdon discussing cancel culture on campus and the #DisruptTexts movement, leading school choice scholar and advocate Corey DeAngelis discussing the need to fund students over systems, and many more.

Join the conversation and help us renew the quest for purpose in education.

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“Based on the data currently collected and the analyses I have conducted on that data, I believe that colleges and universities can confidently use CLT scores for admissions decisions, and that the CLT will perform just as well as the SAT or ACT. CLT scores are highly correlated with both SAT and ACT scores, and correlate remarkably well with freshman GPA. Both of these are indicators that the CLT possesses high validity as well as reliability.”

John T. Vessey, Ph.D

Department of Psychology at Wheaton College

The kind of students who take the CLT are exactly the kind of students Grove City is most interested in recruiting. They are students that come to campus fully prepared, they lead class discussions, and participate in the life of the college.”

Lee Wishing

Vice President of Enrollment at Grove City College

“The belief of truth, which is the enjoying of it, is the sovereign good of human nature.”

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon