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Test Day

General Information

  • Remote-Proctored CLT: If you are taking the remote-proctored version of the Official CLT, please see our Remote Proctoring page, and note that some of the information below may not apply to you.
  • In-School Exams: If you are taking the Official CLT, the CLT10, or the CLT8 in school, your school will provide you with instructions. Please continue reading below for general information about your test.
  • At-Home CLT10/CLT8: If you are taking the CLT10 or the CLT8 at home, instructions will be emailed to both your email and your emergency contact email in the weeks leading up to test day. Please continue reading below for general information about your test.
  • Duration: The CLT and CLT10 exams take two hours, excluding the Optional Essay (not included on the remote-proctored CLT), which takes thirty minutes. The CLT8 takes two hours and fifteen minutes and does not include an essay. For all three exams, additional time is required for pre- and post-test instructions and surveys. 
  • Test Content: See a breakdown here.


Browser and Software Requirements 

  • The best browser for CLT, CLT10, and CLT8 exams is Chrome (which may be downloaded here for free), although Firefox is also generally compatible. Safari may be used for exams other than the remote-proctored CLT. We do not recommend using a browser other than these three, such as Internet Explorer/Edge.
  • Make sure your device has completed any necessary updates before test day and is fully up-to-date. Laptops or desktops are preferable, although tablets are also acceptable (tablets are not permitted for the remote-proctored CLT). Students planning to take the Optional Essay should use a laptop instead of a tablet, for typing considerations.
  • Additional browser and software requirements for the remote-proctored CLT may be found on the Remote Proctoring page



  • Take advantage of the free practice tests available in the “Practice” tab of your CLT account. Submit your practice tests and receive your scores instantly, along with detailed answer explanations for each question.
  • Additional practice tests are available in the CLT Student Guide, which may be purchased from your CLT account.