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Test Day

If you are taking the Official CLT on one of our public, Saturday test dates, please see the Student CLT Test Day Checklist, the text of which may be found below.

     If you are taking the Official CLT, CLT10, or CLT8 in school, your school will provide you with instructions.

     If you are taking the CLT10 or CLT8 at home, instructions will be emailed to both your email and your emergency contact email.


For the Public Official CLT: 

CLT Test Day Checklist

For the 2018-2019 School Year

  • Students will begin to be admitted to the CLT testing room 15 minutes prior to the start time of the exam. You may begin arriving at your test site a few minutes earlier to ensure that you have found the proper room and are ready to be admitted. Testing room doors will be closed promptly at the hour of your start time. In the Eastern and Central time zones, the start time is 10:00 AM. In the Mountain, Pacific, and Alaska time zones, the start time is 9:00 AM. In the Hawaii time zone, the start time is 8:00 AM. ​​Students will leave the testing room about 2 hours and 50 minutes after their start time if they are not taking the Optional Essay Section, and 3 hours and 25 minutes if they choose to take the Optional Essay Section.

  • Make sure you know your CLT username and password. Practice logging into your CLT account before test day and commit your username and password to memory, since you’ll be taking the exam from your CLT account. If you forget your password, you can reset it at

  • Wake up in time to get ready for the day. Don’t rush out, speeding to the test site and rushing to your testing room. This is not conducive to clearing your mind and preparing yourself for an exam.

  • You will only have one restroom break during the exam, so be sure to use the restroom before the test begins. The test is proper is 2 hours and 10 minutes, or 2 hours and 40 minutes if you take the Optional Essay Section: 40 minutes for Verbal Reasoning, 35 minutes for Grammar/Writing, 10 minutes for the restroom break, 45 minutes for Quantitative Reasoning, and 30 minutes for the Optional Essay Section. If you leave during the exam apart from during the restroom break, you may not return, and your test will be marked as “Incomplete.”

  • What to bring?

  • The CLT is taken entirely online, so bring your testing device (laptops are preferable - including Chromebooks - although tablets are also acceptable), and make sure it’s fully charged. Test sites may or may not have power outlets accessible from your seat. In case your test site does, however, we recommend bringing a charger for your device, an extension cord, and, if your charger requires a three-pronged outlet, a two-prong-to-three-prong adapter, taking care to observe all necessary safety precautions. If you have a power strip, you are welcome to bring that too, for any other students that may benefit from it. Students planning to take the Optional Essay Section should consider using a laptop instead of a tablet - or at least use a tablet with a keyboard extension - for typing considerations.

  • Bring an acceptable form of identification. This includes your passport, driver’s license or permit (if photo included), state ID, Military ID/Military Dependent ID (if photo is included), high school ID (current year only), HSLDA student ID (current year only), or CLT Student ID Form (contact us at for information on this form). Other forms of ID are not currently accepted.

  • Bring a writing utensil to testing day for use on scratch paper (which will be provided by the test site).

  • Bring a watch or timepiece, such as an analog watch or a digital watch that does not have internet availability, the ability to communicate with other students, or a calculator. All digital watches must be on silent mode.

  • Please note that books are no longer permitted in the testing room.

  • Make sure your device’s software and browser are up-to-date. We recommend Chrome (free download) as the most suitable browser for taking CLT exams, although the following three other major browsers are also generally compatible: Internet Explorer/Edge, Safari, and Firefox. If your device can access and take our practice tests without difficulty, then it should also be able to access the actual test. These may be accessed from the Practice Tests section of the Dashboard tab of your CLT account and also at Browsers other than the major four listed above may display certain mathematical characters improperly, so if you are using such a browser, be sure to scroll through Section 3 (the Quantitative Reasoning section) of a practice test to ensure that your browser does not.

  • Turn off device notifications. Make sure your device’s notifications are off while you are in the testing room. Learn how to do this from this article.

  • Do not engage in any prohibited or unlawful behavior at the test site. Doing so will cause your dismissal from the test. No refund will be issued.

  • You may NOT bring calculators or any other type of reference material, including books of any kind, into the testing room. Scratch paper will be provided for your use throughout any section of the test, including Quantitative Reasoning.

  • Cell phones must be turned off and stowed in a backpack or purse or left with the proctor.

  • If you become ill during the test and cannot continue, you may leave, but your test will be marked as “Incomplete,” and the proctor will make note of the circumstances of your departure. Please contact the CLI office to discuss whether you may reschedule for another date.

  • If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from arriving on time or at all to your test site, you will not be admitted and the proctor will mark you as “Absent.” Please contact the CLI office to discuss whether you may reschedule for another date.

All the above information may also be found on the Student CLT Test Day Checklist.