Administering CLT3-8 at Home

What to Expect

Wondering what to expect for the at-home, online administration of our CLT3-8 exams? Find answers to common questions and further details below.

How does the administration of CLT3-6 exams differ from the administration of CLT7 and CLT8 exams?
What do students need in order to take the at-home, online tests?
Who proctors the exams?
What does it mean that the testing window is four weeks long?
I’ve purchased multiple tests for my children. How can we access them all?
Can I administer these assessments to multiple students at one time?
Are CLT3-8 norm-referenced?
What are the dates and deadlines for Spring 2024?
Is there a practice test?
What does “recommended timing” mean for CLT3-6? Is it a time limit?
How do testing accommodations work for the CLT3-8?