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Score Share Rankings

Students can share their CLT and CLT10 scores with any college they choose, free of charge. The list below is comprised of the most popular partner colleges among our students, ranked according to the number of student scores shared with them. If you are a college or university administrator and want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a CLT partner, click the button below.

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Rankings are based on the number of times students have shared scores to a college since January 1, 2021. Last updated May 3, 2021.

  1. Hillsdale College
  2. Christendom College
  3. Baylor University
  4. Thomas Aquinas College
  5. Ave Maria University
  6. Cedarville University
  7. Bob Jones University
  8. Benedictine College
  9. Franciscan University
  10. Grove City College
  11. University of Dallas
  12. Lancaster Bible College
  13. Harding University
  14. New Saint Andrews College
  15. Pensacola Christian College
  16. Wheaton College
  17. Dallas Baptist University
  18. Oklahoma Christian University
  19. Covenant College
  20. Patrick Henry College