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In addition to accepting the CLT as a college entrance exam, some colleges and universities offer scholarships based on results of the CLT. Check back periodically for the latest scholarship offers.

College and University Scholarships

  • Aquinas College

    Aquinas College

    President’s Scholarship:
    100% tuition with CLT of 100 or higher

    Vice Presidential Scholarship:
    50% tuition with CLT of 87 or higher

  • Bethlehem College

    Bethlehem College

    Serious Joy Scholarship:
    Every student with a CLT score of 70 or higher receives this $10,000 scholarship, which brings tuition from $16,000 down to $6,000 per year.

  • Bryan College

    Bryan College

    Presidential Scholarship:
    (with GPA of 3.5+)
    $14,000/yr | CLT 94+
    $12,000/yr | CLT 87+

    Dean’s Scholarship:
    (with GPA of 3.0+)
    $10,000/yr | CLT 76+
    $6,000/yr | CLT 65+

    Director’s Scholarship:
    (with GPA of 2.5+)
    $4,000/yr | CLT 54+

  • Central Christian College of the Bible

    Central Christian College of the Bible

    The first 10 students to apply with the minimum score of a 50 on the CLT will be awarded a $30,000 full-tuition scholarship.

  • Christendom College

    Christendom College

    Founder’s Scholarship:
    $11,880/yr | CLT 112-120

    President’s Scholarship:
    $9,380/yr | CLT 104-111

    Dean’s Scholarship:
    $6,680/yr | CLT 98-103

  • Crown College

    Crown College

    Trustees’ Scholarship:
    $10,000/yr | CLT 98+ and GPA 3.75+

    President’s Scholarship:
    $9,000/yr | CLT 83+ and GPA 3.5+

    Dean’s Scholarship:
    $8,000/yr | CLT 61+ and GPA 3.2+

    Admission’s Scholarship:
    $5,000/yr | CLT 54+ and GPA 2.75+

  • Franciscan University

    Franciscan University

    Presidential Scholarship:
    $10,000 - $12,000 | CLT 116+

    Chancellor Scholarship:
    $10,000 | CLT 101+

    Dean’s Scholarship:
    $8,000 | CLT 87+

    Provost Scholarship:
    $5,000 | CLT 72+

    St. Elizabeth Scholarship:
    $4,000 | CLT 67+

  • Grove City College

    Grove City College

    Students scoring 108 or above on the CLT will be eligible to apply for a travel voucher from CLT to attend a preview day or private visit at Grove City College.

    Trustee Scholarship Program:
    $8,000 - Full Ride | Students must have strong CLT score

  • Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale College has fully incorporated CLT scores into their current scholarship calculations.

  • Houghton College

    Houghton College

    Founder: $16,000 - Full*
    GPA 3.8/Top 5% and CLT 100+

    President’s: $14,000
    GPA 3.8/Top 10% and CLT 90

    Dean’s: $12,000
    GPA 3.6/Top 15% and CLT 80

    Faculty: $10,000
    GPA 3.4/Top 20% and CLT 70

    Director: $8,000
    GPA 3.2/Top 25% and CLT 60

    Counselor: $6,000
    GPA 3.0/Top 30% and CLT 60

  • Lyceum Program at Clemson University

    Lyceum Program at Clemson University

    $10,000 scholarship to Clemson University

  • New College Franklin

    New College Franklin

    Students with a CLT score of 90+ and a high school GPA of 3.75+ are eligible to compete for the New College Franklin Scholars award.

    The New College Franklin Scholars award is an honor given to incoming freshmen having outstanding records of academic achievement. The scholarship award ranges from $1,000 to half of tuition (student is still responsible for all fees and other non-tuition charges), as college funds permit. Click here for more.

  • New Saint Andrews College

    New Saint Andrews College

    Saint Andrews Scholarship: CLT of 103

    Students who achieve the highest levels of academic accomplishment at the secondary level are recognized as Saint Andrews Scholars. In addition to this recognition, these students may be eligible for financial awards ranging from $1,000 to a full-tuition scholarship.

    Presidential Scholarship: CLT of 113

    The College’s Presidential Scholarship is reserved for the most distinguished of Saint Andrews Scholars, recognizing outstanding academic achievement and Christian character. This scholarship is rarely awarded, and only as funds permit. The award may range from $2,500 to a full-tuition scholarship.

  • Northeast Catholic College

    Northeast Catholic College

    Cardinal Newman Scholarship:
    $5,000/yr | CLT 100+
    $3,000/yr | CLT 90+

  • Patrick Henry College

    Patrick Henry College

    Annual Scholarship Amount:
    (Combined with 3.0 GPA)

    $14,000 | CLT 107-120
    $11,000 | CLT 100-106
    $8,000 | CLT 90-99

  • Saint Martin’s University

    Saint Martin’s University

    Eligibility for scholarships:

    $15,000 - $17,500 | CLT 88-120
    $12,000 - $17,500 | CLT 76-87
    $12,000 - $16,000 | CLT 69-75
    $8,000 - $16,000 | CLT 65-68
    Up to $15,000 | CLT 54-64

  • The King’s College

    The King’s College

    $15,000/yr | CLT 100+

    In addition, students scoring 108 or above on the CLT will be eligible to apply for a travel voucher from CLT to attend a preview day or a private visit at The King’s College.

  • Thomas More College

    Thomas More College

    $1,000/yr ($4,000 over 4 years) in addition to all other financial aid for any student who takes the CLT prior to enrollment at Thomas More College

  • Trinity Christian College

    Trinity Christian College

    President’s Honors Scholarship:
    $15,000/yr | CLT 98+

    Provost’s Honors Scholarship:
    $12,000/yr | CLT 83-97

    Faculty Honors Scholarship:
    $10,000/yr | CLT 58-82

  • University of Saint Katherine

    University of Saint Katherine

    Presidential Scholarship:
    $4,000/yr | GPA 2.75+ and CLT 65+

  • Wyoming Catholic College

    Wyoming Catholic College

    Students who score an 85+ on the CLT and have a 3.25+ GPA will be eligible for a merit-based scholarship. Scholarships range from 1/8 to 1/2 of tuition.

Additional Scholarships

None Currently

The First to 120 (perfect score) scholarship has ended, with the closest competitor earning a 118.