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Remote Proctoring

(Last updated on November 5, 2021)

We are excited to offer the Remotely Proctored CLT—a version of the Official CLT that students take at home with their own computers. The exam is recorded and reviewed by CLT staff. Due to the nature of the platform and our commitment to ensuring test integrity, familiarity with the test's rules and requirements is critical to ensuring you have the best possible testing experience. As such, we thank students and parents in advance for reading this page thoroughly!

We recommend starting with our instructional videos:

Scores will be released on the second Thursday following the exam. You will receive an email when they have been posted to your CLT dashboard.

The next Remotely Proctored CLT will be administered on Saturday, December 4.


  1. Your video, screen, audio, and keystrokes will be recorded during testing. Recordings are stored in a secure location and deleted within 30 days.
  2. The exam contains 120 questions and is scored in the range of 0 - 120 points.
  3. Your assigned start time is displayed on your CLT dashboard as soon as you register and complete your profile. Assigned start times typically fall between 8 am and 1 pm for time zones in the continental U.S.
    • Contact us for information about alternate start time requests. 
  4. The exam takes about two hours and twenty minutes, including pre-test instructions and procedures.
    • The three 40-question sections will follow the order and timing below:
      • Section 1 - Verbal Reasoning: 40 minutes
      • Section 2 - Grammar/Writing: 35 minutes
      • Section 3 - Quantitative Reasoning: 45 minutes
    • This exam will have no essay section.
  5. There will be no breaks during the exam, except for optional one-minute stretch breaks between sections.
  6. We will offer chat support on test days. You will not incur any time penalties for chatting with us during the exam.


Testing Room Requirements

  1. You must be alone in a closed, well-lit room from the beginning of the recording until the test is submitted.
    • Public spaces such as libraries, cafes, or parks are not allowed. 
    • If it is not possible to meet this requirement, please contact us with details and we will do our best to work with you to arrive at an acceptable arrangement.
  2. You must remain in the room alone with no talking throughout the test. Post this sign as a reminder to other members of the household not to interrupt. Call or text anyone who might come home while you are in the midst of testing. 
  3. You should be in a room with a reliable internet connection, preferably as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router. Connect your device to the router via an Ethernet cable for the best results.
  4. Your computer and keyboard must be on a desk or table.
  5. You must sit on a standard chair or stool (not a bed, couch, or overstuffed chair).

 Required Items

  1. A laptop or desktop computer with a functioning camera and microphone
    • Tablets and mobile devices cannot be used.
    • Both internal (built-in) and external (e.g. USB) cameras and microphones are acceptable.
    • Make sure your computer's speakers are working and turned on so that you can hear the notification tones for the test timer.
    • If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in during the exam.
  2. Chrome or Firefox
    • Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers are incompatible with our remote proctoring platform. 
  3. A strong, consistent internet connection
    • Details on network requirements can be found here.
  4. An approved form of photo ID
    • Passport, driver’s license or permit, or state ID
    • High school ID (current year only), HSLDA Student ID (current year only), or college ID
    • Military/military dependent ID
    • If you do not have any of the above, you may print this CLT Student ID Form and have it notarized or signed and sealed by a school official.

Permitted Items 

  1. Up to 6 sheets of blank scratch paper
    • Lined, graph, and printer paper are all acceptable.
  2. Up to 2 writing implements
    • Pens, pencils, and mechanical pencils are all acceptable.
  3. Water or other beverage
    • Avoid drinking excessive fluids as there is no restroom break during the test.
  4. Eyeglasses
  5. Mouse and mouse pad
  6. Lamp
  7. Extension cords and power strips
  8. Fan or other ambient noise source
    • Any noise sources must be quiet enough that they do not obscure the sounds of the testing environment. Music is not permitted.
  9. Loose tissues
  10. Chewing gum


Prohibited Items

Any student who uses these items or has them on/near their desk while testing will not receive a score.

  1. Calculator
    • Calculators are only permitted to students who have the appropriate testing accommodations approved by CLT beforehand.
  2. Headphones or earbuds
  3. Watch
  4. Phone, tablet, or other mobile device
    • Phones should be on silent and placed far away from your desk. They should only be used if reaching us via chat is not possible. We recommend that you enter 844-925-8392 ext. 1 into your phone's contacts before test day in case of emergencies.
  5. Additional monitor, television, printer, or other electronic device
    • If it is not possible to remove such items from the testing area, they must be turned off, out of reach, and, in the cases of monitors and TVs, covered or facing away from you.
  6. Books within arm's reach and/or open
    • Closed books on a nearby shelf, table, etc. are acceptable.
  7. Educational/reference material or posters of relevance
    • For example, posters with math formulas or grammar rules are prohibited. Maps and periodic tables, on the other hand, are permitted.
  8. Snacks
    • Snacks are only permitted to students who have the appropriate testing accommodations approved by CLT beforehand (e.g. for blood sugar regulation purposes).
  9. Items that cover ears
    • Hats must not cover ears, long hair must be pulled back or tucked behind ears, and no earrings except studs are allowed.

Prohibited Actions

  1. Using keyboard shortcuts for navigation (Ctrl/⌘ + F), copying (Ctrl/⌘ + C), etc.
    • Zooming in and out is permitted.
  2. Speaking or reading aloud during the exam
    • You may mouth the words to yourself or read them in a barely audible whisper, but nothing more, as reading aloud is a testing accommodation and requires prior approval.

Preparing for Test Day

  1. Know the rules and requirements listed on this page and make any necessary preparations to comply with them.
  2. Confirm registration and account information.
  3. Check your student dashboard to confirm registration and payment are complete.
  4. Make sure you and your Emergency Contact receive the test instructions within eight business days of when you register. If you do not, email us at
  5. Check to make sure your profile is complete and accurate. Your first and last names must match those on your photo ID.
  6. Know your start time (displayed on your CLT dashboard).
  7. Register for and attend one of our pre-test Q&A webinars.
    • More information and registration links will be sent out by email.
  8. Prepare your computer.
    • Get familiar with your testing device. Ensure you know how to perform such tasks as scrolling up and down, logging in to your CLT account, and marking answers on CLT practice tests.
    • Make sure your device has completed any necessary updates before test day and that your browser and software are fully up to date. Reboot your device during the week leading up to the test.
    • Turn off all device notifications. Learn how from this article.
    • If your device has any parental control software installed, such as Net Nanny or Qustodio, we recommend temporarily disabling it while you are testing.
    • Disable all ad-blockers and browser extensions. Learn how from this article.
  9. Take one of our practice tests in your CLT account.
  10. Take the Test Simulation on your CLT dashboard.
    • This will allow you to verify that your device and connection are likely to be compatible with our remote proctoring systems. This needn't take more than ten to fifteen minutes. Find more information and instructions here.

Test Day and Afterward

Test Day Procedure

  1. The Test Access Code will be emailed to you and your Emergency Contact 15 minutes before your start time. 
  2. Log in to your account, enter the Test Access Code at your assigned start time, and read and sign the Honor Code.
    • Your test timer will not start until you have completed the pre-test instructions and begun the first section, Verbal Reasoning.
    • Only you, the student, should enter the Test Access Code on test day, as multiple test starts may jeopardize your ability to receive a score.
  3. Carefully read and follow the pretest instructions to ensure you are ready to begin the exam.
  4. You will be prompted to start recording your video, screen, audio, and keystrokes. 
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the pretest steps and show your photo ID, room, desk, and scratch paper.
  6. Once we confirm your pretest recording transmission, click the button to begin the test and the timer.
    • As soon as you click the button, the timer will automatically begin counting down and you may begin reading the passage and answering questions.
  7. Work in each section for the allotted time. If you have completed a section, you may move on before the timer reaches 0:00.
    • We encourage you to use any remaining time to check your work in that section only. You may not return to a previous section once you have proceeded.
  8. When the timer reaches 0:00, you will hear three notification tones, and the timer will turn red and begin counting up in "negative time," e.g., -00:01, -00:02, -00:03. You will not be able to select or change any answers.
    • If you lose time due to a technical difficulty after you have already started the timer, chat with us, and we will adjust your timer to give you compensatory time. You will not incur any time penalties for chatting with us on test day.
  9. Scroll down and click “Next Section.” A popup will appear and you may take a one-minute stretch break.
    • Students must remain in front of the camera throughout their test and during the stretch breaks in between sections.
  10. After your stretch break, click the button on the popup to proceed to the next section. The timer will automatically restart and begin counting down from that section's allotted amount of time.
  11. At the conclusion of the final section, click the button to submit the test. If you have any issues during your exam, do not submit the test until you have resolved them by chatting with us.
    • CLT will temporarily store your answers during testing; if you encounter any issues such as accidentally exiting the test or losing internet connection, any answers you entered while the device was connected to the internet will be saved and you will be able to repopulate them once you resolve the issue.
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties and still attempt to submit before resolving them, your submission may fail. Chat with us first!
  12. After submitting, you will be asked to provide your valuable feedback in the form of a survey.
  13. You are then free to leave the testing room. 
  14. Please do not discuss the content of the exam with others or on social media. 

After Test Day

  1. Scores will be released on the second Thursday after test day. We will email all registrants as soon as scores are available.
  2. Once scores are released, log in to your CLT account to view your score report and Student Analytics.
  3. You may then send your CLT score to colleges free of charge through your CLT account. CLT partner colleges acknowledge the rigor of CLT tests and sending them a test score is an excellent way to set yourself apart as an applicant!

If you still have any questions after reading this page, please contact us at or call us at 844-925-8392 ext. 1.
Thanks again for choosing the CLT!