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Remote Proctoring

For the June 20 CLT


(Last updated on May 22, 2020)

Students, please read these instructions carefully and ensure your parents read them too. More information will be added in the coming weeks. To ensure you receive important email updates, make sure that you are registered for the June 20 CLT and that your profile has been completed, especially your Emergency Contact, which should be a parent or guardian's email. 

If you're taking the August 22 remote-proctored CLT, the instructions will be similar to those below and will be posted in July.

Note that some of these instructions are different from the instructions given for the previous remote-proctored CLT on April 25.

  1. Your video, screen, audio, and keystrokes will be recorded during testing. Recordings will be stored in a secure location and deleted within 30 days.

  2. We will review your recording after the exam. There will be no live proctor, but chat support will be available. The student must be the only person in the room from the beginning of the recording until the submission of the test.

  3. You must show one of the following approved photo IDs at the start of the recording:

    • Passport

    • Driver’s License or Permit (if photo is included)

    • State ID

    • Military ID/Military Dependent ID (if photo is included)

    • High School ID (current year only)

    • HSLDA Student ID (current year only)

    • Our new CLT Student ID Form (contact for information; this form is different from our previous notarized form)

  4. Choose a device and a testing room with a strong and reliable internet connection. Dial-up is not recommended.

  5. Your testing room must be a closed, quiet room (all doors closed).

  6. Your device must have a functional camera and microphone, whether built in to the device or external.

  7. Use a laptop or desktop. Tablets or mobile devices may not be used. Windows, Chromebook, and Apple devices are acceptable. 

  8. We strongly recommend Chrome for this exam, which may be downloaded here for free. If you must use a browser other than Chrome, try Firefox. Safari is not recommended.

  9. Log in now to test your device and browser using the Device/Browser Test button on your Dashboard. A successful Device/Browser test will show the following result:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  10. While you're logged in, take a practice test from the "Practice" tab of your account. 

  11. Paper student guides are also available for $45 and contain additional practice tests. US Students: Order yours by June 8 in order to receive it by June 15. International Students: Contact

  12. The exam will take about two hours and twenty minutes, including instruction time at the beginning of the exam. There will be no optional essay on this exam.

  13. You will be emailed with your assigned start time. 

  14. On test day, we will offer chat support from 6:45 AM until 10:00 PM Eastern Time. 

  15. To ensure a smooth test day experience, at least one member of the student's family must attend one of our pre-test Q&A webinars before test day. We encourage both the student and a parent to attend, if possible. Webinar recordings will be made available to all registrants, but you will want to attend so you can ask us questions in real time. Multiple webinar slots will be available during the week of June 15. We will email you with webinar registration links by June 5, once dates and times are finalized.

  16. Scores will be posted on your CLT account by Wednesday, July 1. You will be emailed when scores are about to be released.

  17. You may then view your CLT score and Student Analytics (included free of charge with any CLT or CLT8 registration). You may send your score to colleges free of charge through your CLT account.