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Erskine College

Erskine College

Attract - Assess - Admit

Colleges have a great advantage in adopting the CLT as an option for their college admissions entrance exam. The CLT may replace a student’s ACT or SAT score so as to clarify a student’s academic ability and academic potential. The test is designed in such a way as to attract, assess, and admit the best students, those who not only are intellectually prepared for college but also are virtuously and ethically prepared for higher academic studies. The CLT is not merely another college entrance exam, it is a college-maturing exam. That is, it intends to not merely provide colleges with another pool of applicants, though it will; it is intended to provide colleges with a pool of applicants who will become the academic and moral standard bearers of their institutions and departments.

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) was developed in 2015 and has a team actively working on increasing adoption in colleges and universities, particularly in the liberal arts. We will keep this site updated with each college and university that signs up. Currently, the following colleges have accepted the CLT for college admission:

  • Aquinas College

    Aquinas College

  • Belmont Abbey

    Belmont Abbey

  • Benedictine College

    Benedictine College

  • Bethel University

    Bethel University

  • Bethlehem College

    Bethlehem College

  • Blue Mountain College

    Blue Mountain College

  • Bluefield College

    Bluefield College

  • Boyce College

    Boyce College

  • Brookes Bible College

    Brookes Bible College

  • Bryan College

    Bryan College

  • California Christian College

    California Christian College

  • Catholic Pacific College

    Catholic Pacific College

  • Central Christian College of the Bible

    Central Christian College of the Bible

  • Chesterton College of Arts and Letters

    Chesterton College of Arts and Letters

  • Chicago State University

    Chicago State University

  • Christendom College

    Christendom College

  • Columbia International University

    Columbia International University

  • Covenant College

    Covenant College

  • Crown College

    Crown College

  • Eastern University

    Eastern University

  • Erskine College

    Erskine College

  • Faith Baptist Bible College

    Faith Baptist Bible College

  • Faulkner University

    Faulkner University

  • Franciscan University

    Franciscan University

  • Geneva College

    Geneva College

  • Grace College

    Grace College

  • Greenville College

    Greenville College

  • Grove City College

    Grove City College

  • Gutenberg College

    Gutenberg College

  • Hannibal-Lagrange University

    Hannibal-Lagrange University

  • Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale College

  • Hiram College

    Hiram College

  • Houghton College

    Houghton College

  • Houston Baptist University

    Houston Baptist University

  • John Paul the Great<br/> Catholic University

    John Paul the Great
    Catholic University

  • John Witherspoon College

    John Witherspoon College

  • Keuka College

    Keuka College

  • Lancaster Bible College

    Lancaster Bible College

  • Liberty University

    Liberty University

  • Lyceum Program at Clemson University

    Lyceum Program at Clemson University

  • Manhattan Christian College

    Manhattan Christian College

  • Mount Aloysius College

    Mount Aloysius College

  • Neumann University

    Neumann University

  • New College Franklin

    New College Franklin

  • New Saint Andrews College

    New Saint Andrews College

  • Northeast Catholic College

    Northeast Catholic College

  • Northwest Christian University

    Northwest Christian University

  • Northwest Nazarene University

    Northwest Nazarene University

  • Nyack College

    Nyack College

  • Ohio Christian University

    Ohio Christian University

  • Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

    Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

  • Patrick Henry College

    Patrick Henry College

  • Penn View Bible Institute

    Penn View Bible Institute

  • Prairie College

    Prairie College

  • Providence Christian College

    Providence Christian College

  • Redeemer University College

    Redeemer University College

  • Reformation Bible College

    Reformation Bible College

  • Regent University

    Regent University

  • Saint Martin's University

    Saint Martin's University

  • Saint Vincent College

    Saint Vincent College

  • Scarborough College

    Scarborough College

  • St. Gregory's University

    St. Gregory's University

  • St. John's College

    St. John's College

  • St. Louis Christian College

    St. Louis Christian College

  • Taylor University

    Taylor University

  • Templeton Honors College

    Templeton Honors College

  • The King's College

    The King's College

  • The Saint Constantine School

    The Saint Constantine School

  • Thomas Aquinas College

    Thomas Aquinas College

  • Thomas More College

    Thomas More College

  • Toccoa Falls College

    Toccoa Falls College

  • Trinity Christian College

    Trinity Christian College

  • Truett McConnell University

    Truett McConnell University

  • Union Bible College

    Union Bible College

  • University of Dallas

    University of Dallas

  • University of Saint Katherine

    University of Saint Katherine

  • University of St. Thomas

    University of St. Thomas

  • University of Valley Forge

    University of Valley Forge

  • Walsh University

    Walsh University

  • Wyoming Catholic College

    Wyoming Catholic College