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The Classic Learning Test (CLT) provides the most accurate and rigorous measure of academic formation, accomplishment, and potential.

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Used by Tens of Thousands of Students and Hundreds of Colleges

I warmly commend CLT for giving colleges and universities the option of a standardized examination that eschews ideology and impartially tests knowledge and reasoning ability.

Dr Robert George - Princeton
Dr. Robert George
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Princeton University

I think the CLT is the only test I've ever seen which is actually enjoyable! The reading passages are fun and enlightening, and the math is challenging, yet not overly stressful.

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The CLT is the new standard for college entrance exams.



The CLT10 is a preparatory assessment for 9th- and 10th-grade students.



The CLT8 is an end-of-grade assessment for 8th-grade students as they prepare for high school.

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The CLT is an excellent choice for high school students who excel in reason, logic, and reading. View an example or take a practice test, which includes a score and answer key.

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