CLT for Homeschool 

Standardized Testing for Homeschool Students

The CLT suite of assessments are standardized tests that measure a student’s academic formation, accomplishment, and potential. Relying on rich texts written by history’s greatest thinkers, CLT is a perfect fit for homeschool families.

Tests That Align With Your Educational Choice

Homeschool students deserve a test that respects their educational choice. CLT is not tied to any particular scope or sequence but instead assesses the main indicators of educational success like reading comprehension, writing conventions, and mathematical reasoning.

The CLT8 and CLT10, our standardized tests for 7th-10th grade students, satisfy testing requirements for homeschool families in most states.

Benefits of the CLT

  • Can be taken from home
  • Provides parents with a worthwhile teaching resource
  • Assesses both aptitude and achievement
  • Delivers more rigorous content than other standardized tests
  • Utilizes meaningful and timeless primary sources
  • Promotes critical thinking and higher-level analysis

Lead a Homeschooling Co-op?

If you are leading a homeschooling group, co-op, or community, CLT can help you schedule exams and provide state-approved evaluations.

Contact our partnership team to discuss your options:

Learning from the World’s Greatest Thinkers

Time spent testing should not be a waste. Even an assessment should contribute to the student’s educational formation, and CLT provides that opportunity. CLT places students in front of timeless texts that have influenced history and culture.

Our reading sections include diverse subject matter such as:

  • Science
  • Historical/Founding Documents
  • Philosophy/Religion
  • Literature
  • Modern/Influential Thinkers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take CLT exams at home?
How do homeschoolers perform on CLT exams?
Who proctors the CLT?

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“Since I am a home schooled student, I have taken standardized tests before. As for the test questions, they were very straightforward and I really appreciated the content and passage selections. They were actually interesting and not weird and confusing as a traditional test seems to be. Overall, great experience and I would totally take the CLT again!”

Homeschooled CLT Test Taker

“This is a great exam which tests thinking skills, not just memorization. I’m thrilled that you have made testing possible for students who aren’t enrolled in schools…I really think this is a great test and does a much better job of looking at critical thinking skills etc. which are so important.”

Suzanne J.

Homeschool Parent

“He knew her to be clever, to have a quick apprehension as well as good sense, and a fondness for reading, which, properly directed, must be an education in itself.”

Jane Austen

Jane Austen