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Our History

CLT was founded in 2015 by a team of educators, standardized test professionals, and diverse business experiences that sought to create a better way for students, families, and educators to display academic ability. Among standardized college entrance exams, the Classic Learning Test (CLT) provides the most accurate and rigorous measure of academic formation, accomplishment, and potential.The Classic Learning Test (CLT) invites students to wrestle with works of the greatest minds in history across literary and mathematical content. Rich material reflecting both theistic and secular perspectives benefits and enriches the student in the test-taking process

As parents and secondary educators have become more aware of the CLT, they have been thrilled to finally have a rigorous academic standard to call their own. In addition to offering a standard with rich content, the CLT also offers the quintessential student experience. Rather than waiting several weeks to receive their scores, students that take the CLT receive same-day test results.

Colleges who partner with the CLT also benefit by an increased interaction with interested students through a simplified score submission platform. Students who take the CLT simply log into their account and submit their scores directly to the CLT-partnered colleges of their choosing. Rather than their score being part of a massive and impersonal computer database, students can send their CLT score at no additional cost directly to a college admissions representative, creating a more personal and human admissions experience.